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a prestigious award granting event

On the 5th of October The Henries, a prestigious award granting event, took place in the Lancaster London Hotel. It awards publishers of greeting cards in Great Britain. Solutions Polska Ltd was one of the main sponsors of the award in the Best Traditional Words or Sentiments category.

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Solutions Polska Ltd from Gdynia, which has specialized in the production of greeting cards for many years, has recently acquired modern machinery and entered a demanding market of highly processed packaging. They invested in a 7-colour Komori GL740 C eUV with a H-UV drying system and CtP system based on the Screen imagesetter. Reprograf, a company who supplied the system, helped with its implementation and usage.

Before making a final decision as for the purchase, Solutions Polska had carefully analyzed the market of printing machines in order to find something that would meet their needs, that is low production of wastepaper and low usage of energy as well as a short set up time.

“We tested a lot of printing machines – says Piotr Siłakowski, production director in Solutions Polska. – Komori H-UV turned out to be matchless and unique in every way. Most importantly, it combines three technologies – UV in a conventional version, H-UV in a low energy version and printing in a traditional technology with IR and hot air drying.”   

Medium sized circulations of 3500-5000 sheets, which the company produces, made a quick set up of the machine one of the key factors while making a choice. “As important was a quick switch between technologies, what is possible in about 1,5 hour – adds Piotr Siłakowski. –  With the amount and the variety of orders, which we produce, it is a very important aspect of the machine exploitation.

Another factor while choosing the machine was power consumption. H-UV drying is twice as economical as drying with traditional lamps UV. Another argument for Komori was the fact that these three technologies in one machine present us with completely new possibilities”. The appliance also allows Solutions Polska to print on various substrates which constituted an important point in their development plans – it allowed them to start the production of highly processed packaging.

The company was founded in 2008. At first they worked in the area of bindery, mainly for the client from the British market. Soon it turned out that it will be more convenient to print cards in the Polish printing companies. “ The carnet market in such countries as GB, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland is a great potential for a company specializing in a production such as ours – says Małgorzata Penkiewicz, vice president of sales and marketing. – We produce about 3 million of them a month. With such big production, an investment in our own printing machine was a natural step, which , in addition, opened new possibilities before us”.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski, the chairman of the board says: “Due to the experience we have in the production of embellished cards, the production of packaging turned out to be an area with a great potential. Especially the production of highly processed packaging. Foiling, embossing, applying glitter, die-cutting, the “virko” effect are only a few of the processes we offer. We are convinced that the works we produce will allow our clients to stand out on the market”.

“Komori also allows us to finalize production faster and with even higher quality, and our experience from the card production may become inspiration for the clients from the packaging market” – emphasizes Małgorzata Penkiewicz. Tomasz Kwiatkowski adds: “ What is more, it is an economical solution – only savings on paper (being a result of a quick setting of the machine with paint in terms the given parameters) brings our company a considerable reduction of costs”.

The machine can operate various substrates: coated and uncoated paper and cardboars, metallized, laminated and also plastic – PVC, PP, polyester and polycarbonate. They can be either white or coloured. It can also produce self-adhesive labels. “All of this opens great possibilities before our company. We have had our first orders in the area of packaging production. One of the new jobs was the production of about a dozen thousand sheets on a non-absorbent, metallized substrate, which is not easy to print on. It turned out, that the machine dealt with this without any problems and we could produce the order very quickly” – says Piotr Siłakowski.

When deciding on buying the printing machine, Solutions Polska almost simultaneously made a decision to buy CtP line also from Reprograf due to  – as expressed by the interlocutors – the quality of the solution and the extensive service offered by this supplier.

Solutions Polska decided to buy CtP line based on Screen PTR8600NZ system with a multi feeder with a high optical resolution. It allows a full usage of the screens, which is possible thanks to implementation the earlier ripping of Workflow by Esko. This system is additionally supported by a fully automatized imposition programme Matrix by EFI. Other systems Solutions Polska uses include system X-Rite eXact and Bush SRL 125.

The new systems were integrated by Esco Automation Engine, and ERP managing system. This solution considerably raises the company’s efficiency providing effective execution of orders. “In making consecutive decisions concerning investment it was important for us that the supplier became not only a seller, but also a partner and an advisor – says Tomasz Kwiatkowski. – Reprograf offered us unlimited access to help and maintenance, which is a considerable added value to our investment”.

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